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Shout Out

We would like to give a shout out to the staff members Mrs. Poole  and Mr. Moody at Better Chances. Our son has been attending school at Better Chances since February. As his parents we had concerns about him attending here due to the negative comments we had heard. Our son is in 6th grade and has several diagnoses.  He has had many challenging days at regular school.  Which resulted in the recommendation of Better Chances. Since our son has attended Better Chances his behavior and attitude has improved.  We have gone from multiple emails and phone calls daily to our child doing well.  NO ISSUES.  As parents we are proud of him. Thank you Staff for all the hard work.  Keep up the great job and dedication you have of helping our children.

Thank you,
John and Tracie Stanley

Azariah doing better!

My name is Francis Martin I am the mother of Azariah Brewer who is a student of Mrs. Poole, I am very pleased with the progress that Azariah is making in her class. She has helped in so many ways not just in class . She has been with him since he started the program. He loves her and she is so patient with him when he gets out of hand , he has a hard time learning but she makes it easier for him to understand. I have seen her interact with all her students the same way. Azariah is reading and writing now where at first he couldn’t do any of it. I want to thank Mrs. Poole for all she does with not just my son but every kid she comes in contact with. 

The environment has helped...

Before my son Aiden ever went to Better Chances, I had heard more bad stories about the school than I ever heard about the good. I was worried about my son when I was told he would need to finish out the school year there. To my surprise, the school has been nothing like what I was told about. Better Chances has been incredibly beneficial to my son and helping him improve his grades and overall happiness. With the small classrooms, it's much easier for my son to get the one on one attention he needs to succeed. I also can't say enough about his teacher, Mrs. Poole. She has been incredibly patient with Aiden. She allows him to be with his feelings before working them out with him, which has been such a blessing. He is not longer being punished for his learning difficulties, but he is being understood and given a helping hand along the way. I can't say enough about how much I appreciate everything Better Chances has done for my son. It went from me having to pick him up multiple times a week from school due to meltdowns, to never having to get him and getting upset once in a blue moon. The environment and the teachers have helped my son so much. I highly recommend Better Chances as an alternative school. They have turned my son's life around. Thank you!



Blessed to have you...

Coach J, 

Thank you so much for everything, these kids are blessed to have you as a principal. We are not seeing an email. If could resend it, we would appreciate it. 

Thank you so much Coach J. Ms. Bradley just contacted me and we had a miscommunication with phone numbers. He will get to work on it IMMEDIATELY. I wanted to let you know that Caden really enjoyed you being his teacher and thank you for being honest and straight forward with him. If there was a way for us to keep you as his teacher until he graduates we would do it. You have been a blessing. Stay healthy.

 - Kandice Walker



Exceptionally considerate...

"I would be remiss if I didn’t note here that Sean’s Arch Ford teachers have been exceptionally considerate and have gone up and above what would be considered the “norm” in helping Sean with his class work while at home.  While I have never been a proponent of home schooling, I can guarantee you today—I am staunch advocate for the highest salaries for our teachers!!!  


Thank you again."

I passed....

“That's amazing, I passed! I never knew I would be able to overcome what I have this year, especially  with everything that has been going on. I have messed up all my life over and over again and I have had enough. I want to be somebody so if it even takes 2-3 years I'll do that.”

- 5th Year Senior