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17 Best Wall Mount Range Hoods 2021: Reviews & Top Picks

Wall mount range hoods come in a variety of different sizes and styles. The most important thing to consider when purchasing one is the size of your kitchen, as well as what type of cooking you do. If you cook with gas or have an electric stove, then it’s best to purchase a wall mount range hood that has been designed for those types. Not only will they be able to take care of fumes from your cooking surface better than other models, but they’ll also be more efficient at sucking up grease and smoke particles into the filter system.

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A wall mount range hood can be an attractive alternative to a standard ceiling-mounted unit, but they come with their own set of pros and cons. In this blog post, I will share some information about what you should know before deciding on the best wall mount range hood.

What’s a Wall Mount Range Hood?

A wall mount range hood is a style of the kitchen ventilation system. If your kitchen doesn’t have an overhead vent (often called a “vent hood”), you can install one on the wall by your stovetop. They’re also used to prevent heat, steam, and cooking smell from taking over your living space when you need them most.

A wall mount range hood has been specially designed to fit into small spaces and eliminate steam, grease, cooking odors, and smoke. Thanks to its hidden design, it gives you unobstructed access to your stovetop and makes it easy for you to clean up your messy kitchen after a good meal.

Types of Wall Mount Range Hoods

Just as with other types of ventilation systems, there are two different types of wall mount range hoods: external and internal.

External Wall Mount Range Hoods

If you want to install your ventilation system over the stove, an external wall-mounted range hood is what you need. What’s great about this type is that it can be installed at any height because its design does not take into account cabinetry, cabinets, or backsplashes.

Their main drawback is that they are not very efficient when used in combination with island stoves because their downward-facing venting system leaves a lot to be desired (not much heat will escape). This means such systems work best in tandem with traditional built-in ovens and cooktops. They require professional installation and usually come already assembled apart from their vent.

Another type of external wall mount range hood is the semi-flush mounted model, which has a smaller profile but still protrudes from the wall for easier access to cooking surfaces and cleaning your ventilation system.

Internal Wall Mount Range Hoods

An internal wall mount range hood sits closer to your stovetop and offers a more efficient venting solution than most external systems because its design takes into account cabinetry, cabinets, or backsplashes that can block airflow. This means they’re great if you want to install your ventilation system over the stove without having too much extra space in between. Also, what’s important is that they work best when installed during new construction projects or kitchen renovations because it will be hard to install one afterward (you would need to cut through your cabinetry).

Most internal range hoods come assembled and ready to be mounted. They also come with prepared wiring (electrical) and usually require the professional installation of vents and ducts. The more expensive models usually include a light, but if you want one with bright LED lighting, expect to pay between $150-$300 extra.

Benefits of Using Wall Mount Range Hoods

Wall exhaust range hoods are very popular at present. They have replaced the more traditional canopy of ceiling-mounted range hoods for several reasons. The most obvious is that they free up a valuable countertop or work surface space. In addition, wall-mounted range hoods can be a powerful ventilation system if you install them correctly. Here are some other benefits to using a wall mount range hood:

1. Space Management

A wall mount range hood takes advantage of wasted vertical space which is not being used efficiently in many modern kitchens. This type of installation may also free up kitchen flooring since it eliminates the need for an island or peninsula to support an overhead venting system. Wall mount fans and blowers come in a wide variety of sizes to meet the ventilation needs of any kitchen. The wall itself can be used to house all of the necessary controls, which is often less expensive than putting them in a cabinet or adding an additional wall panel for mounting switches and vents.

2. Flexibility/Versatility

This type of exhaust system gives you much more flexibility because it allows you to change your mind about where to locate cabinets and other appliances in your cooking area without worrying about whether or not there will be enough overhead clearance for a downdraft venting system. You could also equally divide your cooking surface into two work areas by locating a countertop oven between two counters with wall-mounted range hoods above one side each.

3. Improved Efficiency

Research has shown that range hoods are highly effective in removing grease and moisture from the air, preventing it from entering the surrounding walls, cabinetry, and other building materials. This can have a positive effect on your heating / AC system’s efficiency since it reduces the work required to remove humidity from the air inside your kitchen.

4. The Right Ventilation System

One of the best reasons to use an over-the-range wall mount range hood is because you will find that many are designed to have all of their power take-offs located at one spot along an upper back corner. This means that if properly installed, only two small round holes need to be cut through your ceiling for all of the wirings between your blower motor and switch housing providing you with a much cleaner look than you would get with an island or ceiling mounted system requiring holes to be cut throughout the entire kitchen.


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