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6 Best OTC Transmission Jack: 2022 Reviews & Topic

What is the best OTC light transmission jack for my vehicle? I've spent too much time browsing Amazon and came across excellent quality jacks that will fit into most trunks. This is ideal when you're required to lift the transmission of your vehicle or do your own work. Because I've done extensive research about the subject, I decided to provide my findings in one location.

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Look over these 6 Top OTC Transmission Jack Reviews

Through the years you've come across many brands of transmission Jacks but only a few provide the most favorable OTC transmission reviews of jacks. It is impossible to review all their products and read the feedback from clients. We have compiled a comprehensive listing of the 6 top OTC Transmission Jack reviews.

1. OTC 5019A 2,200 lb. OTC 5019A 2,200 lbs. Capacity Low-Lift Transmission Jack

This OTC 2,200lb. This OTC 2,200 lb. Capacity low-lift transmission Jack works for aerodynamic trucks with low clearance to the ground. Its small 8-1/4-inch elevation allows it to be used for servicing transmissions on heavy duty Class 7 and 8 vehicles. The pump handle can be swiveled to allow the ease of use in tight areas of work. This jack features a fast-acting pump that instantly lifts the lifting arm. It also comes with a mounting plate that can be angle adjustable with the turn of a wrench.

A special adapter for mounting fits the popular Eaton Fuller RoadRanger transmissions used on almost all heavy-duty Class 7 and 8 trucks. Specifications: Min. Height 8-1/4 inches., max. Height : 36-1/2 inches. Maximum. Forward tilt - 15 deg., max. Backward tilt - 20 deg., max. Side tilt (either either) 12 degrees. Overall length 52 inches, width: 32-1/2 inches.

2. OTC 1522A Transmission Jack Class 7 and 8 Trucks

OTC's rugged, stable, 2000 lb. Capacity transmission jack is ideal for handling heavy transmissions like the Eaton Fuller Roadranger transmissions, which are found in most Class 7 and 8 trucks (adapter included). Since it's low-profile, it is able to be fitted under the most trucks with the lowest clearance. This makes it ideal for clutch repair.

Safety overload protection built in will not allow the jack to be used beyond the capacity of its rating; safety bypass guards the hydraulic system from being damaged. Its pump handle conveniently rotates 360 degrees for use in any position and 3.5 inch, ball bearing swivelcasters enable the jack to be placed in a simple manner. The jack has a minimum. Height of 7/8 inches and a maximum. Height of 35-1/4 inches. Max. Forward tilt of 24 degrees and maximum reverse tilt of 18 degrees. The maximum tilt on the side is 11° on either side, and an overall length 43-1/2 inches (and overall width 26 inches)

3. OTC 1728 Capacity: 1000 lbs Air-Assisted High-Lift Transmission Jack

Transmission jacks can take a lot of abuse however, they don't need to cost a fortune. OTC offers transmission jacks which are sturdy and durable at affordable prices. This model is perfect for heavy lifting. It's ideal for handling heavy transmissions, such as the Eaton Fuller Roadranger transmissions found in the majority of Class 7 & 8 trucks (adapter included). It's perfect for clutch repair since it's low profile design that can be tucked under the majority of trucks.

Safety overload protects you from operating the jack above its capacity. The safety bypass safeguards your hydraulic cylinder from damage. The handle on the pump can be turned 360 degrees to make it easy to operate in any situation. Additionally, there are 3-1/2" ball bearing swivel wheels which permit simple positioning. Minimum height - 6-7/8"; Maximum Height - 35-1/4"; Forward tilt angle: 24 degrees; Backward tilt angle: 18 degrees; Side tilt (either side): 11 degrees; Overall length: 43-1/2"; Overall width: 26".

4. OTC 1521A Capacity 1000lbs, Low Lift Transmission Jack

The OTC 1521A can hold 1000 pounds. The High Lift Transmission Jack is equipped with our universal mounting head , which tilts from side to side and from front to back. A safety chain keeps the load in place while moving about the shop.

It has a broad wheel base, with four swivel casters and two grips on the handle that make it easy to put it underneath the vehicle. Safety overload is not permitted and the maximum height for lifting of the vehicle is 27 inches. Floor space measures 43 inches by 42 inches. The hydraulic ram's release screw-on lever permits a slow, controlled descent.

5. OTC 5078 2000 lbs Capacity Air Assisted High-Lift Transmission Jack

OTC 5078 2000 lbs high-lift transmission is equipped with an air metered, foot-operated pump that permits simple lifting and control of the transmission's load during the installation. The tough, sturdy wall tubing and oversized base enhance the overall strength of the machine - the lift is supported by three adjustable legs to provide additional durability.

An adapter is provided for automatic transmissions from the Allison 500 and 600 series. Other features include: minimum. Height - 41-1/2 inches; max height - 65 inches; maximum forward tilt - 50 degrees; maximum backward tilt - 38 degrees; maximum side tilt (side to side) - 14 degrees; leg width - 46 inches. Covered by OTC's Lifetime Marathon Warranty.

6. OTC Tools 223196 Transmission Jack Mounting Adapter Kit

This kit can be utilized in conjunction with the OTC 1728 High-Lift Transmission Jack, 1000 pounds capacity. This kit is suitable for larger standard transmissions with different-shaped oil pans. It comes with four adjustable arms that can be used to stabilize the bottom of transmissions that are rounded. Part number 223196

This adapter kit was created for you to use bigger transmissions by using your high-lift air-assisted transmission Jack that can lift up to 1000 pounds. This adapter kit is ideal for larger standard transmissions that have irregularly shaped oil pans. This kit has four arms with adjustable lengths that assist to stabilize transmissions that have round bottom surfaces.


If you're in the market to replace a transmission on a car and you're looking for a replacement, make sure you choose the best OTC transmission jack around. They're indispensable for the job and, when you buy any item has a right to expect it will meet your needs. We've covered it today, they're an important aspect of the equation. If it wasn't for them it's likely that you'd give up and consider calling the tow truck. Although there aren't many people who can complete their work by themselves There are a few things which can make a major difference in their productivity.

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