Social Emotional Resources

Stressed Woman

Do you or your child need to talk?

We can help. This contact list will help you find a mental health professional or a person from your campus to talk to, about how you are feeling.

99 Coping Skills

Family Activities

AMI for Social Emotional Learning:

Days 1-5 Stress Management

Days 6-10 Get Active and Communicate

Days 11 - 15 How to Know Someone

Days 16-20 Family Week

Days 21-25 Career Exploration

Days 25- 30 Coping during Crisis

Dealing with Stress during COVID

How to talk to your children about COVID, How to deal with your own stress and their stress

Coping After a Disaster

Children's Storybook to work through feelings of this time

Survival Tips for Staying Home

Tips on having your kids at home 24/7, What to do when my child is misbehaving,

Examples of Visual Schedules

Understanding Social Distancing

Red Light/Green Light on what is available during this time

Coping with Worry and Anxiety

Understanding Anxiety and what to do 

Social Emotional Tips/Resources 

Links to Videos by Behavior Specialists, Book Recommendations for Parents and Students, Links to Free Webinars for addressing Behavior, Links to Engaging Activities

What is Social Emotional Learning? Why is it important?

Watch this video to find out!